Ready To Grow Your Consulting Business?

Honestly, reading my content may appeal to your intellectual curiosity or reduce the inflammation on a burning itch BUT it is unlikely to change your life.

Working With Me 1-On-1 will:

I love helping advise Entrepreneurial Consultants to break through their roadblocks and build unstoppable momentum, I find it’s an amazing way to help give clarity, strategy and the next steps to get you results - fast.

When I work with someone, here’s what happens…


Once you’re in, I will send you an onboarding form — I’ll use this to identify exactly what I believe needs to happen next in your Consulting business. These questions allow me to have an inside deep dive look at your business. From here, I deliver a written + recorded strategy for exactly what I believe you need to focus on in the next 3-12 months. This gives you the exact steps I would focus on if it were my own consulting business.


Now that you have the exact steps you need, it’s time to start implementing. We kick off with an implementation call. You already had time to digest what my recommendations are and now we jump on a call where we map out exactly what needs to be done to make it a reality.

After that we switch to ongoing support where I’ll be there with questions you have. If you aren't confident whether you’re doing something correctly or you don’t feel like the path you’re on is delivering results, you can message me whenever you need  and I’ll reply via voice or text to help you get super clear on your next steps, feel supported, and be ready to deliver results.

You'll also have 4 x 30 minute 1 to 1 calls to get direct intervention or direction from me. These can be scheduled or adhoc depending on what we fell works best for you.


You also get access to all (nearly)  of my online training courses and resources for life. Clients get nearly all my paid content across every area of  Consulting between marketing, sales, finance, operations, service/product development and delivery. And when you need something, I’ll likely have someone or something to introduce you too– making it so that you never have to wonder “how do I do this”, ever again. You'll be in my personal network and I'll be acting as your connector evangelist always looking out for opportunities for you.

Now, you’re probably wondering:

What’s the investment, Peter?

In truth, I’m quite affordable for the right consultant considering the return on investment. Here are my options for helping you get started inside my world.

90 Day Focused Advisory And Coaching

Investment £4,500

✔ 6-12 Month Strategy for Growth Built by Peter

✔ 1 x 1 To 1 Implementation Planning Call

✔ 1-on-1 Messenger Access to Peter allowing for instant Mentorship and direction

✔ 4 x 30 Minute 1 To 1 direction calls to blast through roadblocks and give you the confidence you are on the right track

✔ Lifetime Access to Content, Workshops & Courses

That's 1 new client into your Irresistible Front End Offer or 1/2 Day Consults (I show you how to create these) for full payback on your investment. And that's before I show you how to leverage the opportunity sitting in your network, build a leveraged productised offer, proactively target senior decision makers, manipulate deal timings and a raft of cash flow creation strategies.

And if you aren't yet convinced I can create a quick return on investment for you then let others help...

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