How a Brand NEW Solo Consultant Booked £170K+ in A Few Weeks - without a Website Or Posting On Social Media

How a Brand NEW Solo Consultant Booked £170K+ in A Few Weeks - without a Website Or Posting On Social Media

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What if I told you that generating over £170K in revenue in just a few weeks without a website is possible?

I'm revealing the exact strategy one of my solo consultant clients used to achieve this impressive feat.

But if you want to watch the interview first, then you can do so below:

If you're like me, then you watch an interview like that and start thinking

"that's all well and good, but how did he do it?"

So here's the breakdown:

Step 1: He sought out help

He took a risk.

He knew that after a 30 year corporate career there were lots of things he didn't know about launching a consulting business. He knew he could try to figure it out himself, but the value of seeking help to shorten his time to revenue was immeasurable for him.

Step 2: He put his ego to one side and asked his Target Market

One of my first questions to Pete was...

"are you absolutely certain the offer you want to create solves a pain for your target market and they will pay for it?"

He could have been all Gung Ho and said "absolutely" but he didn't.

Despite feeling confident in his offer, he admitted he wasn't sure.

We ran through our Client Insight Interview process together and he set to work. He implemented like crazy - setting up exploratory calls with people in his target market. Most of this was done from his network or the network of his network.

It's hard to run Client Insight Interviews because you have to leave your ego at the door and really listen to what is being said in the interviews to really understand what was happening in their business - with no notion of finding out what you need to find out to sell them your offer.

Peter says in the interview that this was a pivotal moment in his business development and was instrumental in his ability to craft an offer that his target market WANTED TO BUY.

These interviews are like putting yourself in a slingshot. For a short period of time you seem to be moving backwards, away from your goal.

And then...


all of a sudden there is a rush of forward momentum that propels you flying towards your destination.

Far quicker than you could have got there under your own momentum.

Step 3: He crafted a front end offer that was easy to say YES to

Pete had 2 driving motivations for how he wanted to work with clients:

1) Cash flow: He knew he could create 'big deals' that were good conversation and trophy pieces, but he valued cash flow into his business more.

2) Demonstration of results: He didn't really class himself as a very good salesperson and didn't want to spend hours learning the top '100 closing techniques'. Instead, he knew that once inside an organisation he could demonstrate his expertise, produce results and create continued work and referrals.

And that is what happened.

Step 4: He implemented

We put together a daily plan of activity focused on contacting people in his target market.

I'm sure Pete wasn't always comfortable with the plan but he knew it was what was needed to hit his goals (the creation of which was our first action).

Despite his discomfort - he did the work.

Step 5: He evaluated and iterated

Pete was very good at listening to feedback and course correcting if necessary.

I remember one conversation where he described a conversation from a friendly prospect who told Pete something like:

"Pete, you could try selective disclosure, you don't have to tell us everything you can do for us straight out of the gate"

Despite his front end offer, Pete got very enthusiastic in the call because he was passionate about the value he could offer. He went into a long conversation of everything he could do for the company.

We had talked about my principle of 'keep the 1 thing the 1 thing' where you get 1 thing agreed before changing the scope of the conversation, but his excitement got the better of him.

He listened and made sure he had an offer set and strategy to deal with this in the future.

And yes, of course, he had some video training, some frameworks and templates to use. That condesnsed his time to results.

What Can You Take Away From This:

Every goal, every dream demands two things initially.

  1. A willingness to take on risk.
  2. And an investment of time and money.

Pete went all in on these 2.

Inestment often allows you to collapse time.

Hiring a mentor, coach, team, and proven frameworks and systems can shave years of your journey and ultimately save you a bunch of money in the long run.

Time is immeasurably more valuable than money so saving time should be your top priority.

Guest what?

If you do invest, you can drastically influence the ROI.

Because you can choose how courageously you show up. How hard and smart you're willing to work. Make sense?

No other investment offers an ROI you can increase based on what you bring to the table.

So if you're curious about what to do with your money during these interesting times.

Invest in you. Go all in.


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