How To Craft A Killer Offer Your Market Will Buy Now Part 2

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Welcome - this is a follow-on from creating a killer offer part 1 which you should read here if you have not already  click here to read Here I show you how you can start to link peoples motivations to the outcomes of the product or service and why they should buy now - not think about it later.

What objections might they have to purchase a product like mine?

  • Too expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Something in place already
  • Going to focus on inbound marketing
  • It won’t work for our specific type of business
  • Don’t believe the results are achievable by them - others can do it but not them
  • Indifference - don’t feel the urgency to act now - review it later
  • Don’t trust me or no rapport with me personally
  • Want a done-for-you system rather than doling it themselves

What other options do they have to solve their problems?

  • Inbound marketing – blogging, commenting, podcasting
  • Paid advertising and funnels
  • Referrals
  • Cold calling
  • Outsourced telesales companies
  • Their own trial and error
  • Stay where they are
  • Linkedin prospecting

What do they need to believe about my product/service in order to buy now? * Readers - this is a big one that you have to consider when creating an offer.

  • That they can make it work themselves
  • That it’s a proven methodology
  • It works and it will work for them quickly
  • They can see an achievable ROI

What do they need to believe about the problem they’re trying to solve in order to buy my product/service now?

  • That it will only get worse with no action
  • That their competitors will gain the upper hand – there are deals there all the time. If you don’t get them your competitors will and slowly dominate the marketplace, take the best staff, be the ones who sell out at big profits…
  • It will cause significant pain in their lives if they try to do it themselves

What do they need to believe about themselves as it relates to the goals my product/service can help them to achieve, in order to buy now?

  • That they’re 100% capable of making it work
  • That even technically challenged people can make it work easily
  • That they will be able to leverage themselves once they learn the system
  • That they won’t be doing it themselves forever
  • They don’t need in-depth sales training to make it happen
  • They don’t need to pretend top be someone they aren’t to make it happen
  • It’s not beneath them to do it

What three common situations are they likely to be in with respect to the goal they’re looking to achieve?

  • Little or no clients
  • Doing too much delivery because of peak delivery of their consulting and not doing any lead gen which leads to peaks and troughs in revenue
  • Actively seeking to scale and win new business

What are their fears with respect to going for their dreams?

  • Fear of failing
  • Being shot down by gatekeepers and decision makers – fear of rejection
  • Having to waste time and effort on a system that doesn’t work
  • That they aren’t good enough to be successful

What are the past failings that have thus far prevented them from realizing their dreams?

  • Burned by a telesales company
  • Sold overpriced leads
  • Damage to brand/personal reputation from sleazy sales tactics
  • Confusion on where to start
  • No step by step system
  • No belief in themselves

What are their suspicions about the people they must deal with to solve their problems, achieve their goals, get their questions answered, and pursue their dreams?

  • Reputation
  • Telling the truth?
  • Do they understand me?
  • will they judge me?

A Detailed Avatar:

Doug is actively seeking to scale his business but the only problem is he is getting little to no clients to sell his services to. In most cases, he spends most his time doing fulfilment during the peaks of his consulting practice and not doing enough lead generation.

Because of that he’s his own worst enemy at times. He knows he’s not doing what he should be doing when he really should be doing it. Since Doug’s consulting practice is inconsistent, so is his personal life.

He’s got no deal flow and he has trouble getting in front of the right prospects. His revenue is completely unpredictable and considering the deal size he’s used to, the peaks and lows are just too much of an emotional roller coaster ride for him and it wears on him.

Doug wants to avoid these peaks and the traditional cold calling method used to get these deals at all costs. He’s just not the type to hammer phones all day and maintain a bulletproof mentality. It’s not that he can’t handle it, he just doesn’t want to do it because it’s such a soul sucking way of doing business. At least that’s what he thinks.

If he had a magic wand and he could have anything he wanted, he would want nothing more than having a predictable revenue stream and deal flow.

Doug’s under the impression that you must outsource outbound lead generation to telesales companies and other experts. He knows inbound lead generation is possible but he knows that outbound has been proven to be a very quick and efficient way to get new business.

He’s to the point where he thinks it’s damn near impossible to connect with senior people in an organization without dealing with a lot of bureaucracy. He has the hardest time getting past gatekeepers.

Doug actually thinks gatekeepers are purposely put there to stop him from getting to the decision maker he needs to get in front of. He also believes cold emailing people is equivalent to SPAM. He believes it’s way too time intensive and it’s just not the best way to build consistency into his business.

Doug also believes that if he tries the emailing route that he will just create more work than he will benefit from. It just seems to far outweigh the potential results in his mind. On the other hand, he sees it as a quick, easy, and efficient way to connect with people because it fits with the modern communication style used by today's top performers.

So there is some hope in Doug’s mind. When Doug goes looking for solutions that show him how to finally gain some consistency and deal flow, he feels absolutely overwhelmed. He has no idea whose methodologies will work hand in hand with his specific problem. He just doesn’t want to commit to taking action with a method or course that isn’t 100% certain in alignment with his goals.

Doug’s weary about the client getting training industry because he knows sharks exist that are just out for a quick buck. He can’t risk making the wrong decisions anymore. He needs certainty in his life. He does know that people are getting success with courses and different products though.

He needs something that brings results. He’s jaded with the empty promises. There is hope though as Doug sees the value in a course that condenses everything he needs to implement in his business into a single actionable system rather than conventional overpriced theory.

He needs to know the training is applicable and can be implemented right away. Doug’s pride lays in the reputation and size of the clients he deals with.

Doug’s secretly doubts that he’s not cut out to do this whole prospecting thing. He envies his competition and that increases his self doubt even more. He’s not 100% convinced he’s cut out to handle large companies. As a matter of fact he doesn’t really think he’s good enough.

Doug needs to know that the products he looks into will work for consultants and not be too broad as to who the products are for. The more substantiated the claims are the more likely he’s willing to part with his money for a product that has potential to help him gain consistency in his life.

Doug’s frustrated not getting the financial reward he knows he deserves and not getting the desired recognition by bigger clients. He’s extremely frustrated because he knows a breakthrough in his consulting practice is near but he just isn’t quite there yet.

He absolutely hates taking on clients that he just doesn’t like to deal with just to bring in an income.

He fears more than anything having to lay off employees and go out of business. It literally keeps him up at night. He wants a work life balance and it’s killing him to work so much. He doesn’t want to keep on working with such little pay anymore.

Doug dreams of more freedom with his life and to finally be recognized as the professional he’s become thus far in business. He ultimately just wants more control in life.

Our product will help Doug get immediate first time conversations with senior executives, immediate bigger deal sizes, and more qualified leads.

The top problems standing between Doug and his goals are a lack of time to implement and his own perceived lack of knowledge.

His biggest objections are that the product is very expensive, it’s time consuming, he has something in place already, he’s just going to focus on inbound because that’s what he keeps seeing pitched in the marketplace, and that this just won’t work for his specific type of business.

If he doesn’t take action he’ll end up staying where he is.

In order to buy our product now, Doug needs to believe that he can make it work himself with our guidance, he also needs to know that it’s a proven methodology and that it has worked for other people just like him - that he can make it work.

In order to buy now, Doug needs to believe that his problem will only get worse and that the more he waits and doesn’t take action, his competitors will gain the upper hand on his potential client base.

Doug needs to believe that he’s 100% competent enough to get the results with our product and that even technically challenged people can make it work without struggle. He also needs to believe that he won’t be doing it himself forever and that he will be able to leverage himself once he learns the system.

Doug’s past failures include being burned by telesales companies, being sold overpriced leads, and a damage to the brand and reputation he’s worked so hard for by sleazy sales tactics used by outsourced sales methods.

The people he buys from must have solid reputations and he has to have a strong sense of honesty about them.

His biggest challenges in following through with a product like this is sitting down, watching the content, and implementing the tactics, methods, and strategies.


Problem Faced: Frustrated by not enough leads

How I solve:

Provide a step by step system to deliver predictable leadflow. Because it is based on scientifically proven processes and can be measured at every step of the way it is possible to clearly link inputs to outputs. What that means to you is you can either scientifically predict the number of leads based on inputs or determine your required number of leads and create the required input levels. Because of this, it is infinitely scaleable and can access the 85% of the market that is not currently searching for your solution. I give certainty

Problem Faced: Frustrated by the quality of leads from inbound and other methods. Information seekers. In many cases they have already made a decision and looking to rationalise it. Influenced by other sellers.

I give you the tools to get a meeting and create a meaningful conversation with senior decision makers way before they evaluate other options. This means you can educate them on your service and position yourself as the logical choice to help them achieve your goals. Which means you don’t waste your valuable time dealing with lower level prospects who CAN’T make a buying decision.

Problem Faced: Not speaking to or engaging the decision maker at the VP or C Level

Most people are told ‘speak to the top people in an organisation’ or only deal with C level BUT no one gives you the process and tools to enable you to do that. Until now, that is. I give you a proven formula and the tools and templates to quickly and easily get a meeting with ANY senior decision maker without getting blocked by gatekeepers.

Problem Faced: Not predictable enough

Cold calling has always been unpredictable. If you do it yourself you have to fight between delivering your service and making time to call. Because you don’t like it it's the first thing to be dropped. If someone else is doing it for you then you are reliant on their skill and human frailty.

Problem Faced: No process to follow up on responses to cold email

A few people are showing you parts of a system on how to use cold email but I am the only one that has a comprehensive, step by step process, complete with scripts, to turn every single response into a first conversation. This process can deliver 50% conversion on every response - Including the dreaded “I’m not interested”

Problem Faced: No process to scale their efforts

Most parts can be easily delegated to an assistant, admin or even a VA

Problem Faced: Cold calling not working and increasing cost, people sick of being interrupted, hardly anyone answers their phones anymore,

Success rates of cold calling are plummeting and the cost is skyrocketing. I show you a process to quickly, cheaply and easily use the most effective communication method - email - to open up new conversations. This channel can be 1/10th of the cost of cold calling, and can be delivered by you or largely ‘unskilled’, non sales people at a fraction of the cost and set up time of any other outbound methodology. - with at least 10 times the reslt

Problem Faced: Don’t know how to target and get contact details of their ideal prospects

I show them 15+, easy to use and low cost list building tools that help them pinpoint highly targeted prospects with direct email addresses. Most of these are so easy to use they can be given to an admin assistant or VA and they are so accurate they take little to no extra admin dealing with bad data. Traditional list brokers have a bounce rate of between 30 - 40% and some of these tools are providing bounce rates as little as 5% AND i show you how to turn every bounced email into an opportunity for new business

Problem Faced: Wasting time with prospects with no intention of buying

I show you how to target the exact ideal prospect with laser accuracy and craft messages that can get upto 80% response rates from perfect prospects - at the C-LEVEL. Stop struggling to ‘convince’ bad prospects to become clients and target the ones you really want and will enjoy working with.

Most people fail at this first hurdle and never target the right people which means they have effectively lost before they start.

Problem Faced: No brand awareness

I have a unique process in the system that will show you a step by step way to build instant brand awareness in any marketplace or sector and will allow you to show your marketing message REPEATEDLY to those laser targeted Ideal Prospects for pennies so you can educate them and position yourself as the logical choice as the expert provider.

Problem Faced: PPC and SEO are volatile, open to rapid changes and unpredictable

This is a system you can control. Google, linkedin and facebook- whether SEO or PPC can change overnight. If you are relying on them to provide business then your whole lead generation effort could collapse overnight. Outbound lead generation is the only process 100% under your control to bring predictable and scaleable results.

Problem Faced: Target market don’t respond to google ads and facebook ads

CEO’s, Ce-level and VP’s don’t hang out on facebook, linkedin and google PPC so these mass market approaches don’t work and are hard work and too mass. I show you how to pinpoint the right executives, message them and get into conversations in days.

Problem Faced: Tried cold emailing before and not getting the response levels i.e. less than 5% response and very few positive ones. Tested lots of approaches and don’t know where to turn next.

This is because you did not have the benefit of the these steps from my system.

1.    Create value in your sales process. Before you do any cold emailing you have to create value. You have to determine the right choice of prospect outreach system based on our 3 levels of prospect outreach methodology and then the right messaging based on our proprietary M3 model.

2.    Once you create value you have to build your unique ‘sales pulse’. This is the perfect number of contact points for your ideal prospect and the right timing between each one. If you have sent just 1 email it is understandable you are getting low results. Multiple contacts structured in the right way can double, triple and even quadruple the %age replies you get from the same data and therefore the number of highly qualified leads you get. I give you the highest performing ‘sales pulses’ and show you exactly how and when to use them.

3.    Building your outbound process - Once you have created value and built your pulse then we show you 2 processes to rapidly increase response rates before you even send an email. 1) Highly targeted data - most peoples data sees a minimum of 30% bounce rates on outbound emails. This means your responses are actually from around 70% of the data as 30% is bad. We show you how to clean your own data so you get few if any bounces and at least 15 different ways to easily source data with an average of 5% bounce rate. This means that your responses will dramatically increase just by being able to send to 95% of your target and not 70% 2) Build your outbound system using technology that can take an email template and make every email and make it highly peronalised to an individual with little time spent handwritten emails - this significantly increases the response rates

4.    How to write high performing emails: Most of what is being written about cold emails is wrong and will kill your conversion. We have templates, processes you can use to build your own and also show you how to avoid the most frequent response skillers. These allow you to see responses rates of around 20% on mass emails, 80% on named account and up to 95% on trigger based emails.

5.    No one is teaching a process of how to deal with responses to cold email. I provide you a complete process complete wirth all scripts that show you exactly how to deal with every single response - even the dreaded ‘I’m not interested’ and ‘send me information’. The process means that you can convert a higher % of all responses to first meetings.

Problem Faced: Not in control of the sales process

The system is step by step and walks you through how to build a step by step sales process where you are in control every step of the way and where you are adding massive value to your prospect. You are in control at all stages, it flows seamlessly and the prospect thinks it ‘just makes sense’ and does not feel any sales pressure.

Lack of confidence in their own ability to find and engage with ideal prospects

The entire step by step system is laid out in a clear and easily digestible and Implementable form which will inspire you to new levels of confidence that, yes, you can achieve the results you are looking for.


My PRIMARY LF8 Desires to influence:

  • Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  • Freedom from fear
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • To be superior, to keep up with the joneses
  • Care and protection of loved ones
  • Social approval


· Desire to be informed

· Curiosity

· Efficiency

· Convenience

· Dependability/ Quality

·  Economy/profit

·  Bargains


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