How To Craft A Killer Offer Part 1

Consulting Services

How well do you really know the ins and outs of your target market? How well do you understand what it's like to live a day in their shoes?

In this article, I'm laying out the level of detail you should be able to provide on your target audience to enable you to craft offers for them.

I thought long and hard about showing you this but in the end it seemed to make sense. You see this is part 1 of an internal document I crafted years ago when I was developing an offer aimed at solo consultants.

What better way than to prove it than to see if you can see yourself in this document.

When you see anything starting with * It's my today commentary. Apart from that, this is the word for word internal document I crafted to launch a new offer.

Read it first to see if it resonates with you. Then take the headings and write them out for your offer and 1 target buyer persona.


What’s the big idea?

Proprietary Step-by-Step System For Generating An Endless Supply of Highly Qualified B2B Prospects… all with ZERO Advertising Expense and NO Cold Calling

* I wouldn't include 'no advertising expense' if I was looking for bigger companies. This is a low investment product. I also don't believe advertising is an expense BUT you have to get into the conversation in someone's heads before you can lead them.

Can you help me picture it?

Instead of spinning your wheels trying hundreds of marketing approaches that don’t work on C-Level decision-makers we simply build a small and highly targeted list – say 500 as an example, that will have large deal sizes for your business – say £100k and we reach out to them. Typically resulting in around 100  meetings within 90 days that will create your sales opportunities for the next few years.

What else could it be described as in my marketing?

  • Selling to corporates – a traditional way of describing large/whale clients
  • Selling to C-Level executives – a traditional way of calling senior decision makers in large B2B businesses
  • Getting your foot in the door – how to get the first meeting with any senior business person

So the problem/pain is?

Not enough leads with high quality ideal senior decision maker prospects which means inconsistent deals which means inconsistent or no predictability of revenue and cash flow. Research [my own interviews] shows most consultants have on average 2 new business meetings per month and would like 10 or more.

So the glory/solution is?

A predictable number of high quality new business opportunities with highly targeted B2B senior executives leading to predictable revenue and cash flow. Your deal sizes will go up meaning you can make the same revenue with fewer clients or grow without a large number of new clients you have to service. Your sales cycle will go down meaning you spend less time working on deals and having to manage cash flow.

So my mission statement is?

I help consultants win large deals with C-Level executives with zero cold calling, expensive advertising or spending endless frustrating hours a week blogging or pissing about on social media trying to ‘attract’ people.

I do this with my 7 step [insert system name], which typically creates more opportunities in 43 days than most consultants create or attract in 1 year.

Who does this work for?

I have worked with all style of businesses that are looking to build predictable sales opportunities in a B2B sales environment. This works for printers, software, technology, consultants, marketing etc

Who am I targeting and why?

Consultants that sell into corporations, fast growth companies and traditional bricks and mortar businesses. I have chosen consultants because:

  • Fit the group coaching model well
  • Used to investing in themselves and make their own decisions about investment. EasyYes/No. Quicker sales. Shorter time t cash.
  • $5,000 fee paid back many times over by winning 1 client = massive return on investment

The Steps To Success:

*Here I had the steps the program covered to take someone from their existing state of dissatisfaction to the end state of their desired result. The steps aren't necessary for this illustration.

The Program Name Options:

  • Consultants 30 Days To 30 New Clients System
  • How To Land Whale Clients System,
  • Selling To C-Level system
  • The 'How to get your foot in the door with the biggest deals in the industry' system
  • 3 TO 21 Highly qualified meetings per month system for Consultants
  • The screw wasting time trying to ‘attract’ C-Level deals, client winning system!
  • Predictable Profitable Prospecting system
  • The Blueprint To Get a New Business Meeting With Anyone

How do I define who my perfect prospect is

a. Age - 30 to 50

b. Geography - predominantly USA and UK, Australia, English speaking Europe Singapore, Hong  Kong

c. Income - $150 - $500k

d. Education - Degree, possibly Masters and continued professional development via an Industry Body such as a Chartered Institute Of….

e. Family - Married with 2 children who are in the early to late teens stage of life

f.       Specific niche - what type of consultant?

i.          Management Consultants

ii.          Strategy Consultants

iii.          Executive search Consultants *Big mistake - not my market

iv.          Business Transformation and Change

v.          Multi-Divisional firms such as: *specific website linked to

vi.          Energy Management

vii.          Marketing automation consultants

viii.          Marketing Consultants

ix.          Digital Marketing Consultants

x.          Technology/Software consultants

Do my best clients/customers have commonalities?

·       They’re in B2B selling larger value services often with long sales cycles

·       They invest in their education and systems

·       They sell at a high level in an organisation

What is profitability for each client/customer?

  • Consultants can have deal sizes from $5k to $100’sK. For example I have just started working with an executive search specialist in the Chinese marketplace whose typical fee is $80k. 1 extra client from working with me = no brainer. He created $500k sales pipeline in 30 days.
  • Consultants – A previous Management Consulting client added close to $1 million in repeatable revenue which added a few $mill when he sold out 2 years later
  • Digital marketing and Web - Again - high value. A previous client sold sitecore websites with a typical sale being $500k plus. Also PPC, retargeting services etc at $5k month recurring.

Do I have expertise and commonalities relating to these prospects?

Yes --- there is a saying  in old school consulting about “having the grey hairs” which is about age, experience and trustworthiness. I don’t agree with it but it can be used to my advantage. I have grey hair (literally and figuratively), and I have an MBA and a track record. I’m also in the same age grouping as the target demographic for consultants and just squeezing in and not too far removed from the digital side.

What is the high level view on ‘my angle’?

A unique METHODOLOGY to access (get into first new business conversations with) C-Level corporate decision makers that is ‘step by step’ and has been described as ‘a massive amount of knowledge presented in easily digestable chunks’ that is easy to implement for results. = RESULT – predictable high value deals with shorter sales cycles = predictable revenue

I have unique processes that no one else is teaching 1) Sales Gates 2) Productization where you design your sales system to create value for the prospect - this is the missing link for many people I speak to. I also have a few proprietary methodologies that are essential to a company's objectives A) Three levels of prospect outreach and how to determine what is right for your business objectives. B) Message, Market Mix (M3) methodology that dovetails with the 3 levels of prospect outreach to determine what process you can use and what messaging is right for your target market

What is my negative promise?

  • This doesn’t have, contain or include (things they hate) - cold calling, long boring lectures, knowledge without implementation steps
  • This doesn’t result in (thing they hate) sales pressure, pushy sales techniques, wasted time, energy and resistance, long hours doing manual tasks yourself, learning hundreds of new skills
  • This doesn’t need, involve or require (something they don’t want to put in) major expense in testing and learning online advertising, outsourcing, hours spent on the phone cold calling, buying lists,

What important need of this niche does the service fulfil?

  • Predictable sales pipelines that drive predictable cash flow that’s scalable
  • The certainty that they can achieve the results - lifestyle, build a business, time with family, reduced time input from them, attract other consultants/partners into the business and provide value in the business to sell the business

What are the needs, wants, problems, and challenges this set of prospects has?

  • Predictable deal flow = predictable revenue = predictable cash flow
  • Certainty of results
  • Ability to plan life and business
  • Want to do it without cold calling
  • Want to do it without labour intensive outbound sales process
  • They aren’t trained sales people and have negative experiences of it and many may have negative views about selling
  • They don’t know where to start. there is so much noise about how to ‘attract’ clients, how to use Linkedin, cold calling is dead etc They are looking for someone to cut through the clutter and tell them what to do, when to do it and make sure they implement it...

How do I address these?

CERTAINTY: I provide a step by step blueprint/framework that I take them through to provide a consistent level of first meetings with highly qualified ideal prospects who are at the C-Level that they can convert to revenue. They mostly believe ‘if i can get in front of people I can close business’. This may not always be true but I can focus on getting them ‘a foot in the door’ as this is their biggest fear and inability

Helps them get clear on ideal prospect profile: which means they don’t waste time dealing with people that are unlikely to ever buy from them and will drain their resources. This means they spend less time and have higher conversion rates to provide greater results

I show them at least 7 different resources to quickly and easily get highly targeted lists of ideal prospects complete with email addresses without dealing with old school list brokers. This means that they don’t have to spend huge sums of money in one go buying big lists of largely out of date data.

I show them a system that tells them when their best prospects are at the highest chance of wanting their service (think artificial intelligence) so they can magically make an introduction just at the right time

How to be aware of opportunities before anyone else in the marketplace which gives them the opportunity to be first in – research shows the first person into a deal wins the business over 80% of the time – sometimes with no competition at all

How to make first contact without cold calling with anywhere up to 80% success rates to first meeting at the C-Level

Allows them to prospect much higher up into organizations without having to work their way up gate keeper after gate keeper

Help them sell bigger deal sizes – typically my clients can double their deal sizes – not by raising fees but by getting access to their top 20% prospects that they couldn’t do before

Create instant brand awareness in your target market and make them think you are everywhere

What are their DESIRES?: What’s my prospects most urgent problem regarding my solution?

  • Not enough clients NOW – In the next 30-60 days – not in 12 months time. Urgency
  • Not able to create consistency and CERTAINTY
  • No deal flow
  • Difficulty getting in front of the right prospects
  • Unpredictable revenue
  • Not enough large deals
  • Need first meetings as they believe they can close business when they speak to people but they DON’T BELIEVE they can create first meetings

What do they want to avoid?

  • Not having prospects to get in front of
  • The peaks and troughs in between deals
  • Cold calling
  • No certainty around cash flow
  • Working with clients they don’t like to get cash to survive
  • Working on projects they don’t like just to get cash to survive

If they had a magic wand, what would they want more than anything else in this area?

  • Predictable number of large profitable deals
  • The ability to do it without having to cold call
  • Someone to provide them a step by step system and tell them exactly what to do at each stage so they don’t get overwhelmed and don’t have to waste time trying things that don’t work and put the pieces together for themselves

What do they believe fundamentally about their problem?

  • They can win all the business they ever need if only they can unlock the secret to ‘getting your foot in the door’
  • That you have to outsource outbound lead generation to external telesales companies and specialists
  • It’s physically impossible to easily connect with senior people in an organization
  • They can’t get through the gatekeeper
  • There’s people purposely put in the way to stop them from getting access to a senior decision maker
  • OTHER people can do it but they can’t as they have not had any formal sales training and don’t have the skills or balls to do it
  • It’s hard work and there isn’t a step by step solution available

What could they believe about this type of solution we need to deal with?

  • It isn’t easy to do
  • People won’t respect their expert positioning if they proactively prospect into them
  • They don’t see why they would need help
  • It’s way too time intensive
  • It will create more work than the benefit they get from it
  • It doesn’t fit with modern communication styles
  • Takes too long to learn
  • Other people can do it but not them

How do they feel when they look for the kind of product/service I’m selling?

  • Confused - about what will work, who to believe
  • Overwhelmed by all the approaches – Inbound/outbound
  • Reluctant to take advice
  • Don’t know whose methodologies will work for their specific problem
  • Self doubt about popping their head over the parapet and taking a position
  • Embarrassed they need help as they are educated people and experts in their field.
  • Built on hype
  • Weary of empty promises
  • Tired of hearing phrases such as ‘social media’, ‘magnetically attract clients’, ‘sell without selling’. – they know that’s all BS with their own prospects

How could they feel about my product/service offer?

  • Great value in comparison to conventional training
  • It looks promising
  • Too good to be true
  • Others can do it but i cant

What makes them happy/What would make them happy?

  • CERTAINTY of results
  • Relief of someone guiding them and making the decisions for them so they don’t have to worry any more
  • worlk/life balance

What are they most proud of?

  • Their service/product
  • The size and reputation of the clients they deal with
  • Their expertise

What are their secret self-doubts?

  • They’re not good enough to do the front end prospecting or even to be standing up and being well known in their industry
  • There’s other competition better than them that deserves the bigger deal sizes
  • Not good enough to deal with larger companies – ‘they know more than me’
  • Others can do it but they can’t

What arouses their skepticism?

  • Unsubstantiated claims
  • Sayings its simple to do – they know this isn’t true. Everything takes an amount of effort and work
  • Not being industry specific (it won’t work for my type of business)
  • No proof
  • Not being able to speak to a person to ‘suss them out’

What angers & frustrates them?

  • Not getting the financial reward they deserve
  • Not getting their desired recognition by bigger clients
  • Not being able to hit a breakthrough to create a bigger business
  • Having to take clients they don’t like to provide cash

What are their deepest fears?

  • Having to lay people off
  • Going out of business
  • Not having a work life balance
  • Working long hours with little reward
  • Working too much with too little pay
  • Not providing for their future
  • Looking like they have failed
  • Comparisons of failure against successful people with zero education

What are their hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

  • More freedom in life
  • To be recognized
  • To be rewarded
  • To have more control

Critical Questions

What desires does this audience have that companies in the space just don’t seem to serve?

  • A way of connecting with senior executives (C-Level)  without cold calling to win predictable B2B deals
  • Predictability of results
  • Scalability of results

What are the most important aspects a solution must absolutely have to serve their needs?

  • Can’t damage their personal or company brand/reputation
  • no sleazy sales tactics
  • doesn’t overwhelm them
  • GIVES RESULTS they believe they can achieve

What questions does this audience have about products/services like mine?

  • Is it legal?
  • Does it work?
  • How long will it take to get results?
  • How many hours a week do i need to do it?
  • Do I need to do it at all?
  • Can I outsource it?
  • How much will it cost on an ongoing basis?

What are their top three immediate goals my product/service can help them achieve?

  • Immediate first conversations with senior executives = immediate sales opportunities
  • Immediate bigger deal sizes
  • More leads
  • Certainty of results

What are the top three problems that are standing between them and their goals?

  • Lack of time to implement
  • Their own lack of knowledge
  • CONFUSION - what to do? linkedin direct messaging, article marketing, guest blogging - just what is the best way to drive first meetings for them?

What objections might they have to purchasing a product like mine?

  • Too expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Something in place already
  • Going to focus on inbound marketing
  • It won’t work for our specific type of business
  • Don’t believe the results are achievable by them - others can do it but not them
  • Indifference - don’t feel the urgency to act now - review it later
  • Don’t trust me or no rapport with me personally
  • Want a done for you system rather than doing it themselves


Part 2 can be found here

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