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💡 Tip: Sales? It's in Your Consulting DNA!

B2B consultants often harbour a fear of embodying the persona of a 'salesperson'. They shrink away from the title, mistakenly believing that selling and consulting are two disparate disciplines.

These consultants commonly resort to regurgitating strategies plucked straight from books or generic training courses which actually makes them come across like they very thing they fear to be - a 'slimey salesperson'

This method typically leads them down a treacherous path, descending into a spiralling chasm of counterproductive practices.

They're trying on the worst sales tactics, like stale elevator pitches, which often result in rejection.

Consequently, they're left feeling disheartened and even more adverse to sales than before.

Here's the paradigm shift - the skills you as a consultant already possess are precisely the tools you require to clinch deals.

Being adept at identifying problems, analysing their causes and effects, and prioritising their resolutions is the crux of both consulting and selling.

Not to mention, your finely honed communication skills and stakeholder management abilities are the magic ingredients for gaining client buy-in.

By recognising that you already wield the skills required to convert clients, you can maximise your true potential.

You are not venturing into unfamiliar territory but simply leveraging the skills you exercise daily in a new context.

Break down your mental barriers between 'consulting' and 'selling'.

Begin by mapping your existing skills to the selling process.

Recognise the similarities and appreciate how your expertise as a consultant prepares you for the sales journey. If you're a good consultant you have all the skills to create new clients.

Start engaging more people using your inherent abilities and watch the transformation unfold as you evolve into a powerhouse authentic consultant (sales person).

Habit: Connect With 1 New Person Everyday

Most consultants leave business development to the very last minute when it's waaaaay past needed. I hear it a lot in calls - "I like the program but I'm busy with clients right now so will come back to it when I need clients"

I never can understand that thinking. I prefer:

“Don't wait until you're thirsty to dig a well” said Chinese philosopher Zhu Xi

Most consultants only consider business development when they feel like they need it. By then it's generally too late and requires significant forward momentum.

I'd love it if you made it a HABIT to connect (prospect) with 1 new person every weekday.

That's 5 new conversations a week, 20 a month and 240 in 1 year.

That's a lot of new people to speak to. But it's not about that that relatively small number.

It's the habit and discipline it instils.

To implement this - write in your diary, journal, task manager:

'Connect with 1 new potential client today'

And set it on repeat to drop in every day.

🏹 Insight: Supercharge Your B2B Outreach with a Proprietary Prospecting System

Big Problem: B2B consultants struggle with effective outbound prospecting.

Usual Solution: They rely on an array of disjointed tactics.

Why it Doesn't Work: Lack of a cohesive strategy results in unimpressive response rates.

The Solution: A proprietary system that integrates all tactics into three levels of prospecting: Market Penetration, Named Accounts, and Trigger Events.

Profiting from this Information: Using the appropriate strategy you'll create a scalable, predictable and exponential growth prospecting system.

Recommended Action: Watch the full video where I explain this in detail:

How can you profit from this information?

Click here to watch the video on Youtube

🔥 New: The Pitch Deck Miracle: Convert 1 in 4 with this Revolutionary Presentation Tool

In the competitive world of B2B consulting, conveying your unique value proposition in an effective and compelling way can be quite a challenge. One of the most pressing issues that consultants face is visually presenting their offers to clients in a way that resonates and drives action.

The typical approach? Crafting long, detailed PowerPoints, filled with intricate graphics and exhaustive information. The aim is usually to impress and persuade with sheer quantity and visual complexity.

The unfortunate reality is that these verbose presentations often miss the mark. They don't directly address the problem at hand or articulate unique insights or recommendations. They fail to question the safety of maintaining the status quo or consider the benefits of in-house solutions. In short, they lack substance, clarity, and persuasive power.

Here's an alternative: I've developed a structured 'Pitch Deck' specifically designed to transform your presentation approach. This tool allows you to directly address the problem, highlight and scrutinise the root causes, and challenge the perceived safety of sticking with the status quo. The deck includes pre-emptive handling of common objections and presents investment options that are psychologically appealing, even for clients with tight budgets.

The benefits are immense. By utilising this template, you can expect to convert at least one out of every four presentations to ideal clients, even when presenting to a completely cold audience. It's a game-changer that could drastically boost your consulting business's success rate.

Now, here's your next step: The 'Pitch Deck' template and training is available now as part of the Insider Access membership. By joining, you'll gain immediate access and can start implementing these powerful strategies right away. You can see the overview here

📚 Knowledge: Book Recommendation: The Gap + The Gain By Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy

Many B2B consultants constantly feel unfulfilled and unsuccessful in their professional journeys. This is often due to an overwhelming focus on the gap - the difference between their current position and their ultimate goals or ideals, which can seem ever-distant and unattainable.

This perspective can lead to chronic dissatisfaction and burnout.

To tackle this issue, most consultants usually set shorter-term goals or revise their objectives downwards, trying to make them more 'realistic' or achievable. They may also focus on traditional self-help techniques, or invest in further training and education in an attempt to accelerate their progress.

This approach can alleviate some stress temporarily, but it doesn't address the fundamental problem, which is the flawed perspective of constantly comparing oneself to an idealised future state.

This approach tends to result in a persistent feeling of 'never enough' and can limit personal and professional growth.

Drawing from Dan Sullivan's 'The Gap and the Gain', a more effective strategy involves shifting one's perspective and evaluating progress based on the 'gain' - how far one has come from their starting point.

This backwards measurement, as opposed to a forward measurement, celebrates achievements and milestones already attained and encourages a more positive, appreciative mindset.

Even if that is comparing yourself to yesterday. Set a goal to prospect into 150 people this month but only did 1 yesterday?

Don't beat yourself up. The GAIN is you are 1 ahead of the day before yesterday and likely the whole of last month (unless you follow my habit outlined above :-) )

By implementing this perspective shift it can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced burnout, but it can also have a positive impact on productivity and the quality of client interactions.

As a result you can build stronger relationships, increase your client retention rates, and potentially drive higher revenues.

Make the time to reflect on your past achievements and recognise your 'gains'.

More importantly reflect on your perceived failures or traumas and reflect and consciously create the GAINS from that experience.

I strongly recommend this book and the journaling exercises it gives. Get it here at amazon

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